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Appliance Repair Service

Appliance Repair Service in Singapore

Need a dependable appliance repair service? Handymanpluses is your go-to team. We are a team of expert appliance repair men and women. We can fix all types of home appliances, from fridges to gas stoves. Count on us for all kinds of appliance repair needs. No matter what brand you own—our pros have got your back with quality appliance repair help.

Appliance Repair Service Lists

We’ve got a solid lineup of appliance repair Singapore services. Our services include all sorts of home appliance repair services like fridges and gas appliances.

1. Oven Repair

If there’s a problem with your oven, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if it’s gas or electric or even if it has a fan to help it cook. We’re ready to check out what’s wrong, swap out broken parts, and clean it until it looks brand new.

2. Washing Machine Repair

Got troubles with your washing machine? We’re on it. No matter the type – front-loading, top-loading, or designed to save energy – we know how to fix them. Oh, and if your clothes dryer is giving you grief, we can repair that too.

3. Fridge Repair

Our highly skilled professionals are very good at resolving any sort of issues related to refrigerators. For instance, they can sort out issues like the unusual temperature of your refrigerator or compressor failure at your refrigerator and rectify it promptly. So, take our fridge repair service and keep your food in your refrigerator fresh and healthy.

4. Fixing Gas Stoves

If you have any issues with your gas stove, take our gas stove repair service so that you can enjoy cooking with a properly functioning gas stove. We repair all kinds of gas stove issues, including ranges, cooktops, and ovens.

5. Fan Repair

There are various kinds of fans available on the market. You may have a ceiling, box, portable, or any kind of fan. If you have an issue with your fan, it does not matter what sort of fan you have, rest assured, we can make you happy with our fan repair service.

6. Exhaust Fan Repair

If your exhaust fan is not functioning properly, then you can take our exhaust fan repair service. Wherever your exhaust fan is located, don’t fret! Our skilled professionals will come to repair your exhaust fan along with the necessary tools where your exhaust fan is located.

How Handymanpluses Works?

Request Our Services

If you want to request any kind of appliance repair services we provide, kindly visit our website. Our cooperative team members are available 24/7 to answer any kind of queries. Just contact us, and we will promptly communicate with you and guide you throughout the process from start to finish.

Get Connected to the Right Expert

If you contact us to take any kind of appliance repair service, we will match you with perfect highly skilled experts according to your issue. Our experts will inspect your issues, then they will provide an upfront estimate of your expenses. So you do not have to worry about any unexpected expenses you may cover later.

Get Your Appliance Repaired

We provide our appliance repair service very promptly. Our professionals work tirelessly until your issues are resolved, and we only charge a single penny once you are satisfied with our services.

Appliance Repair Singapore

Advantages of taking appliance repair service from Handymanpluses

  • Handymanpluses provides speedy, same-day service for a bunch of home devices.
  • Our crew can tackle repairs for every sort and make of major home gadgets.
  • We treat your belongings with care so they keep humming along smoothly.
  • All our technicians are certified with the proper training, keeping precise records all the while.
  • Being local, we get our hands on the finest parts quickly. We also know the area like the back of our hands and can dart over to help in an emergency, no matter your spot.


Handymanpluses is proud of the top-tier repair jobs we offer. Every fix gets you a certain period of warranty. If troubles pop up afterward, we’re back at it to mend things quickly at your house. We aim to keep you smiling. Our Every work for our customers very sustainable with carefully work.

No need to take our word—check out what our customers say:

  • “My fridge kicked the bucket, and Handymanpluses came to the rescue. The punctual technician diagnosed the problem quickly and immediately repaired it. Big thumbs up.” Sarah R.
  • “I had a leaky washing machine and called Handymanpluses. Their team was bright and fixed things fast. Very satisfied with their job.” – John D.
  •  “My gas stove wouldn’t light up, and the Handymanpluses guy worked out what was wrong and replaced the broken part. Big thanks for their skill and quick work.” Emily S. These testimonies are just testimonials of how our customers love what we do. We’re committed to excellent service, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at +65 81237093 or shoot an email to and chat with our approachable team. We’re eager to assist you because making customers happy is what we’re all about.

Call Now : +65 81237093

Call Now : +65 81237093

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