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Kitchen Cabinet Repair

kitchen cabinet repair

Kitchen Cabinet Repair: What You Need to Know

There are Kitchen cabinet repair services one of the most common things in Singapore. The kitchen cabinet occupies the major portion of your kitchen. It works as a storehouse for all of your necessary things. This is general that you use your kitchen cabinets every day. The decreased functionality of your cabinet can highly influence your efficiency in kitchen chores. Hence, we highly recommend you learn the basics of kitchen cabinet repair in 2024.

What are the Common Issues?

The common issues associated with kitchen cabinets are – 

  1. Decrease in functionality
  2. Discoloration
  3. Damage due to water
  4. Hinge problems with cabinet doors
  5. Stripped screw holes
  6. Nicks and scratches  Let’s know about some of these common problems in detail. 

Decrease in functionality

An aesthetically pleasing cabinet layout will blow your mind. However, it wouldn’t matter if those eye-catching cabinets are not as useful as you thought. Your kitchen’s design and flow should be helpful for you. Hence, the functionality of your kitchen cabinet will be reduced. In such cases, cabinet repair is necessary. Repair to redesign your kitchen cabinet layout. Properly redesigning will increase your functionality.


Discoloration may not look as threatening as a broken kitchen cabinet in the first place. The actual problem arises when the damage reaches beyond your kitchen cabinet repairing capacity. Black, green, and white can be discolored around the cabinet shelves. In such cases, find out the source of discoloration. Once you have found that, prevent the source from doing more damage.  However, if the damage is too much, buy new cupboards for your cabinet

Damage due to water

The presence of water is quite expected in our kitchens. Normally, the kitchen cabinets are made from wood or PVC boards. They are not waterproof. The cupboards and other kitchen cabinet parts frequently come in touch with water. Water causes damage to the material and color and can initiate oxidation reactions with metals. If you notice the cabinets are bubbling and the woods are blackened, then change your cabinets. That means your cabinet is highly affected by water. 

Hinge Problems with Cabinet Doors

Loose hinges, squeaky hinges, and damaged hinges cause problems with cabinet doors. Damaged hinges result from wear and tear and corrosion. When you open or close the door, squeaky hinges create annoying noises. If there are loose hinges, doors won’t close properly, they will lag or gap.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Singapore

The extent of damage, shape and size, material, usage of cabinets, design, style preferences, etc., factors should be considered when you repair any kitchen cabinet. There are a few popular trust-worthy kitchen cabinet repair services available in Singapore. There are we provide the best quality kitchen cabinet repair in this area. We have experienced people to solve all the Cabinet issues. So don’t be late if you are facing these types of problem in your kitchen. Handymanpluses offers Singapore’s most reasonable, compatible, and optimal kitchen cabinet repair services. 

kitchen cabinet repair singapore

Affordable Cabinet Repair in Singapore

In Singapore, homeowners spend $2000 to $20,000 to replace their kitchen cabinets. Undoubtedly, the price range is extravagant. For only minor repairs, the price might be lower. However, the kitchen cabinet services hold 3 to 8 percent of your total home renovation costs.  If you are looking for affordable cabinet repair services, look at Handymanpluses. Handymanpluses has been a leading service provider in Singapore in recent days. We provide free estimates, quality artisans, & competitive prices. Contact Handymanpluses now to give your kitchen cabinets a beautiful and competent makeover.

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