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Floor Repair Singapore

Types of Floor Repair Singapore

Floor repair Singapore is healing the damaged floor due to tile etching, mold growth, cracking, scratches, heat damage, hazing, etc. Floor repair isn’t the same for all kinds of floors. The methods will be different for wood, hardwood, and parquet floors. Are you interested in repairing your floors? Or are you only curious about floor repair Singapore? Whatever your intention might be, our blog will assist you on the way.

Hardwood Floor Repair Singapore

For hardwood floors, if you find minor scratches, apply wood filler or wax sticks matching the color of your hardwood floor. In the case of deeper gouges and dents, apply wood putty or epoxy to fill the void places. In addition, you have to sand and stain the area to match the color. However, in severe cases, you would have to replace the floor entirely.  Water is one of the substances that can highly damage the surface of your hardwood floor. When hardwood interacts with the water, a higher possibility is that you will witness mold growth in that area. Thus, at first, prevent the further interaction between water and the hardwood floor. Then you can dry the floor with the help of a wet-dry vacuum machine. Besides, you can use towels or fans to dry the damaged part. In case the damage is too severe to handle, you have to replace the subfloor or underlayment.  You will have to sand the entire floor to exclude the damages for refinishing.

Wood floor repair

Wood Floor Repair in Singapore

Your beloved wood floors of your home can be affected by so tiny substances like minuscule debris. For example, the pieces of gravel can be ground and embedded to your floor’s surface. Eventually, liquids like water or pet urine will do moisture damage to your wood floor. Through the seams, liquids can seep.  Sunlight is quite significant for all of us. Moreover, too much sunlight directly on your floor’s surface will cause discoloration and fading. Certain types of wood are photosensitive. Photosensitive refers to the interaction with the sunlight, they get affected. Contaminants like dirt, chemicals, and stain residue prevent your floor from finishing. The separation from one wood to another on your floor must be appropriate. A little separation is always preferable. However, the abnormal gaps showcase the faulty installations. At certain times of the year, woods expand, so, these gaps will appear larger in those times.

Premium Parquet Floor Repair

Parquet floors are one of the most aesthetically pleasing sorts of floors. Parquet floors are that which is being made by installing small pieces of wood in a geometric pattern. Parquet flooring is one kind of wood flooring. For this reason, parquet floors can get affected and damaged due to the same factors and causes that do problems in wood floors. Water or moisture, scratches, stains, and sunlight are common factors of parquet floor damage. Besides, considering its structure, small loose pieces also cause problems with parquet floors.  Old adhesive and subfloor movement may occur in loose pieces. Thus, the floor starts to become noisy, uneven, and unstable. Furthermore, loose pieces will welcome more dirt along with moisture to enter the floor. 

Affordable Floor Repair Service Singapore

As we have learned about the three types of floor repair in detail, we will now recommend an affordable floor repair service in Singapore. We are experienced one team always ready to provide high-quality service according to customers requirement at affordable prices.

Handymanpluses for Floor Repair Service

HandymanPluses is a true professional for your Floor Repair Service. We have expertise. We are convenient to communicate. We have a standard price range for their services. We are indulged in tasks like plumbing, painting, door knob replacement, aircon service, kitchen cabinet repair, landscaping services, etc. For repairing floors at your home, you can easily rely on Handymanpluses. We are the top-notch choice for these kinds of services.  Especially at your residences, handymen are quite familiar with their excellent job skills within budget. HandymanPluses will identify the problem and will suggest you the best possible solution that comes within your budget. Their versatile work experiences make them suitable for this role.

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