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Cooker Hood Installation


How to Do Cooker Hood Installation in Singapore

The cooker hood installation procedure can be a time-consuming and pricey task for many of us. Hence, you should be aware of a few insights that will help you save your money and time on cooker hood installation in 2024. A cooker hood is a familiar piece of equipment in your kitchen. Basically, it extinguishes the pollutants i.e. grease, moisture, fumes, and heat from the air in your kitchen. Thus, the risk of mold growth decreases. It also improves the air quality and keeps your kitchen safe from other serious issues.  There is a variation in the types of cooker hoods. For instance, chimney style, inclined, and slim. Moreover, they have different dimensions, installation factors, and extraction rates.

Cooker Hood Installation Service

There are qualified cooker hood installation services to install a new one or repair the old one. However, you can go for it if you feel you are skilled enough to do the task independently. Although we recommend recruiting a cooker hood installation service for perfect finishing. 

Location Settings & Measurements

Before a cooker hood installation, we should take measurements i.e., width, depth, and height of the cooker hood. Later on, we will compare the dimensions with the dimensions of the stove as well as the ceiling or wall where it will be mounted.  Generally, it is ideal when a cooker hood completely covers the cooking surface and on each side, it has a three-inch overhang.


We have to create holes for the vent and the wiring. Hence, we need to drill. Before drilling, it is good practice to create an outline of holes using a pencil, pen, or marker. Secondly, we have to choose the right bit for our drilling. For example, you must choose a masonry drill bit if you have a brick or concrete wall.  Make sure the drill bit you are using is sharp and clean. 

Mounting the Cooker Hood

The final step of a cooker hood installation is mounting. Before initiating the process, be cautious about the hood’s wiring and ducting system. To secure the wires, you can use electrical tape and wire nuts.  To secure the ducts, you can either use clamps or duct tape. You can recombine the electrical box, filter, or fan to cover the cooker hood.  Finally, with the help of a screwdriver, tighten the bolts or screws making, confirming the hood level and stability.  

Power Supply and Duct Work

According to the voltage and wattage of the cooker hood, the power supply will be given. In the case of the ducting system, it should be short and straight to the possible extent. That’s because if it is not short and straight it will make noise and eat more energy from the cooker hood.  The ducting system will connect the cooker hood to the outside vent.  Finally, the ductwork and the power supply will be pulled inside the holes you made during the drilling process.

Post Cooker Hood Installation Cleansing

All of the above-mentioned tasks will create a big mass of waste. There will be dirt and dust. In the worst cases, you may find grease or oil as well. You can vacuum or sweep the space around the cooker hood to remove the debris or dust.  You can use bi-carbonate soda and white vinegar to clean the dense strains or the stubborn fingerprints. Using a microfibre cloth can help you to avoid scratching when cleaning the surfaces. 

Cooker Hood Installation Service Singapore

Thus far, we have thoroughly known about a cooker hood installation. Let’s know about some of the most reliable and popular cooker hood installation services in Singapore.  There are so many Cooker hood installers available, but compared to all of them, We provide premium-quality service for our clients according to their requirements.


cooker hood installation service

Prices of Installation of Cooker Hood Singapore

Generally, the price of installing a cooker hood in Singapore ranges from $100 to $300. The price depends on size and shape, the complexity of installation, and which service provider you are choosing to do your work.  Hence, we can understand picking an affordable cooker hood installation service in Singapore will be optimal for you.

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