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False ceiling Installation

False Ceiling Installation in Singapore

Loads of folks in Singapore are eager to take a false ceiling installation service. But let’s face facts: not all companies are up to snuff for this job. What you really want is a company that knows the ropes, and that’s where we step in. Welcome to Handymanpluses, the top dog in Singapore for all things related to installing a false ceiling. We’ve got you covered—be it for your pad, workspace, boutique, eatery, or whatever else you’ve got in mind. Plus, we don’t just stop at installing; we fix, maintain, and design drop ceilings too. You won’t have to lift a finger; we’re your one-stop shop, which means less hassle for you. Our squad at Handymanpluses is nothing but pros. They’re ace at putting up any style of drop ceiling you can think of—even gypsum, stucco, timber, metal, or PVC. Whether you’re looking to keep the heat in, noise out, brighten up the place, or just jazz it up, our crew’s got the skills. We’re all about using top-notch gear to ensure your ceiling is put up without a hitch and stands the test of time. So why wait? Take our False Ceiling Installation service today and beautify your interior.

Best False Ceiling Installation Service

A false ceiling is your secondary ceiling. It is suspended below the main ceiling. You can use it for various purposes, for instance:

  1. Using a false ceiling, you can hide the wires, pipes, ducts, and other infrastructure.
  2. You can use it for the prevention of heat and noise transfer from the main ceiling
  3. By using it, you will get some space under your main ceiling. You can install a recessed light, spotlights, chandeliers, or other things over there.
  4. By using it, you can enhance the beauty of the interior. You can choose from different designs, colors, and patterns to beautify the false ceiling. Adding a false ceiling can make your room look more stylish and sophisticated. This could also boost your reputation.

Steps involved in installing a false ceiling

Let’s quickly go over installing a false ceiling. First up, we figure out what the customer wants. Next, we measure and decide where to put the drop ceiling. The metal frame or grid is vital—it holds the whole thing up. We use screws, anchors, wires, and clips to fix it in place. Depending on what we’re working with, we might use saws, knives, or cutters to shape and fit the panels into the frame. We add tape filler or caulk to tidy up the edges and corners. Lastly, we hook up lighting, fans, and other stuff using wires, connectors, and switches.

False ceiling Installation

Affordable False Ceiling Installation Singapore

Since Singapore is super hot and muggy, indoor space can get pretty uncomfortable—a drop ceiling could be just what you need. It has quite a few advantages: It creates a gap that cools the room and makes it less humid. This means you might save some cash on air-con because there’s less space to cool. It also gives your place a modern look while hiding ugly wires or pipes. A false ceiling cleans up your space and covers any nasty marks or flaws on the original ceiling, boosting your home’s worth.

Why select Handymanpluses to install your false ceiling?

There are lots of perks in choosing Handymanpluses for Your False Ceiling Installation. Below, we will discuss those things:

  1. All our technicians have certifications, licenses, skills, and years of experience in installing a false ceiling.
  2. We use high-quality materials and tools.
  3. We offer free consultation and quotation service
  4. We provide a warranty of our false ceiling installation service.
  5. Our customer service agents are available 24/7
  6. And more.

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Call Now : +65 81237093

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