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Aircon General Servicing

Aircon General Servicing: The Best Solution for Your Cooling Needs in Singapore

If you are looking for a reliable Aircon general servicing company in Singapore? If your Aircon is noisy, leaking, or not cooling correctly? If you want to maintain your Aircorn’s optimal performance and efficiency?  Then, look no further than Handymanpluses Aircon general servicing. We are one of the best general Aircon servicing companies in Singapore. We provide a variety of Aircon general servicing in Singapore.

General Aircon servicing SG

We can service any type of Aircon system, such as split, window, cassette, ceiling, and central Aircon. We can service any brand and model of Aircon, such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, L G, and more. We offer general Aircon servicing for your home or office, regardless of the size or location.

We are experts at servicing any type of Aircon system. These include split, window, cassette, ceiling, and central Aircon. We can fix issues with any model and brand of Aircorn. These include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, L G, and so on. We offer Aircon general servicing to homes or offices. It does not matter how many AIrcorns services you need or where you are located in Singapore.

Best general Aircon servicing: Our Aircon general servicing includes:

  • We wash air filters, fan coils, and condenser units.
  • We check the electrical components, refrigerant levels, and gas pressure.
  • We tighten the screws of Aircorn and lubricate the moving parts.
  • We test the thermostat, remote control, and drainage system.
  • We troubleshoot and provide recommendations for any problems with Aircorn.
  • We test the remote control, thermostat, and drainage system.

Benefits of our Aircon general servicing

If you take our Aircon general servicing, you will get numerous benefits. Some common benefits you will get after taking our Aircon general servicing are:

  1. Your Aircon will enhance the air quality and lessen the risk of infections and allergies.
  2.  Your Aircorn’s cooling efficiency will improve, and its energy consumption rate be lower.
  3. Our Aircon general servicing will increase the longevity of your Aircon and prevent the costly breakdowns of your Aircon.
  4.  Our Aircon general servicing complements the warranty and safety standards.

Aircon Installation in Singapore

We can install any type, brand, and model for any place you want to install within your budget.

What is included in our Aircon general service installation?

  • We measure the space and calculate the cooling capacity.
  • We pick the best sort and location of the Aircon units.
  • We mount the indoor and outdoor units. We also connect the pipes and wires.
  • We set up the thermostat, remote control, and drainage system.
  • We check and make sure your Aircorn is working properly.

Pros of our Aircon installation

  • Our service provides you with maximum cooling and comfort for your space.
  • We match according to your style and decor preferences.
  • Our services save your time and hassle of DIY installation.
  • We provide safe installation and ensure professionalism in our installation process.

Aircon Repair in Singapore

We can repair any sort, any brand and model for any place you want within your timeframe, regardless of the severity of your issue.

Our Aircon repair includes:

  • We first inspect the issue and then provide a free and honest quotation.
  • We can replace your faulty parts, for instance, compressors, fans, motors, or sensors.
  • We can refill the refrigerant or top up the gas.
  • We can fix leaks, clogs, or noises in your Aircon.
  • We can restore the Aircon system to its optimal condition.

Pros of Our Aircon repair:

  • Our Aircon repair solves your Aircorn issue .
  • Our service restores your cooling function.
  • Our service saves you time and money. otherwise, you need to buy a new unicorn.
  • Our service prevents your Aircon from further damage and potential danger.
  • Our service enhances your Aircorn’s performance and efficiency.

Aircon Chemical Wash

We can perform a chemical wash for any sort, any brand and model of your Aircon for your home or office based on the condition and frequency of the usage of your Aircon.

What is included in our Aircon chemical wash?

  • We dismantle your Aircon’s units. Next, we soak them in a chemical solution.
  • We Scrubb the air filters, fan coils, and condenser units so that we can remove the dirt, dust, and bacteria
  • We rinse the Aircon units and flush the pipes and drains with water
  • We reassemble the Aircon units and check the electrical components, refrigerant levels, and gas pressure.
  •  We tested the Aircon system and made sure it is working properly.

Pros of Our Aircon chemical wash

  • Our Aircon chemical wash cleans your Aircon system thoroughly. As a result, your Aircon gets rid of odours and germs
  • Our Aircon chemical wash increases your Aircon’s cooling efficiency  and cuts down the energy consumption of your Aircorn
  • Our Aircon chemical wash lengthens the lifespan of your Aircorn and prevents your Aircorn from costly breakdowns.
  • Our Aircon chemical wash service complies with the warranty and safety standards

If you want to get our high-quality Aircon general servicing, visit our contact page so that you can contact us today and send your inquiries.

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