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Aircon Chemical Wash and Aircon Gas top-up Service in Singapore

Using the Aircon in Singapore is very normal. But Aircon Chemical wash also Gas Top-up cleaning gas are chores that need professional help. Very few people have these necessary skills, tools, and materials, or personal people who can do these chores. So, chemical wash or gas top-up needed for the Aircon is very normal. That is why take our chemical wash or gas top-up service for your Aircon from us today, focus on your profession, and enjoy your life.

Aircon Chemical Service

If you take our Aircon chemical service, you will get a deep cleaning of your Aircon System. For this service, we use one kind of specialised chemical solution. Our process includes

  1. Disassembling your Aircon units.
  2. Dipping Aircon units into the chemical solution.
  3. We scrub your air filters, fan coils, and condenser units to remove dirt, dust, and bacteria from them.
  4. We resemble all units.
  5. Then check the Aircon’s electrical components, refrigerant levels, and gas pressure.
  6. We also test the system to see whether it functions properly.
  7. We recommend you take this service at least once a year or more if you use it heavily. When you notice signs of poor performance of your. Aircon, for instance, low cooling, loud noises, water leaks, or unpleasant odours, that’s the time to take our Aircon chemical service.
aircon chemical wash

Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

We designed our Aicorn chemical wash service according to Singapore’s climate and environment. As Singapore weather is hot and humid, it is natural that your Aircon system will accumulate more dust and dirt. Moreover, for huge population of Singapore can affect air quality more negatively as a result of the possibility of contamination of your air conditioning system. Our Aircon chemical wash service will definitely aid you in tackling these challenges and keeping your Aircon system in optimal condition. Our Aircon chemical wash service effectively removes stubborn dirt, dust, pollutants, and bacteria from your system. Additionally, this service will bring shine and smoothness to your Aircon units. As a result, your Aircon looks brand new and beautiful.

Aircon Gas top-up Service

Your Aircon gas level may decrease for many reasons like leakage, usage, or wear and tear and which is very natural. Using your Aircon with low gas is also not recommended, as this can affect your cooling system and harm your Aircon. So, whenever you need gas top-up for your Aircon, contact us and take our gas top-up service.

Aircon Chemical Wash & Aircon Gas Top-Up Service Singapore

You can also take our combined Aircon Chemical Wash & Aircon Gas Top-Up Service, as this will save you time from communicating with us twice. Handymanpluses provide packages of service with all in one solution in Singapore. Our Experts always ensure safety and affordable long lasting solution for your Aircon.

Pricing and Booking Information

The cost of our combined service package varies depending on the type, brand, and model of your Aircon system, as well as the number of units and the amount of gas required. Contact us for a free consultation and quotation, and we will offer you the best deal for your Aircon system. The cost of our combined service or any one service will vary depending on your Aircon system’s type, brand, and model. It is best to contact us to get our free consultation and quotation service. If you visit our webpage contact pages of Handymanpluses, you will find several ways to contact us. Like you will get our phone number, email number, messaging option, and a form to chat with our live agents. You will always find our chat agent, as they are available 24/7. So Call us today at +65 81237093 to book our services, you just tell us your issue, and we can inspect and assess the situation, provide a quotation, guidance in a word everything you need to utilise our services satisfactorily.

Call Now : +65 81237093

Call Now : +65 81237093

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