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Door Repair

Door repair singapore

Your trusted solution for Door Repair Singapore

Is Your Door Giving You Trouble?

Don’t you worry about your faulty doors? Don’t panic if your door does not perform as expected or has some defects on the door. Opt for our door repair singapore service and be rest assured of having all these problems sorted out very quickly. Our Handymanpluses team is composed of professionals who are experts in door repair. They know how to fix any type of door due to their experience. This could be a slider, a swinging one, or whatever it may be, and we will make it work like new. We focus on excellent repairs that keep you safe with a fully functional door; either way, the door works perfectly fine.

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Door Hinge Replacement




Trained Technicians at Your Call

Our expert team can fix any problem concerning doors. These include repairing sliding doors, fixing hinges, or anything else related to the repair of the doors. Using quality materials plus tools, our experts will replace back your door’s characteristics. Go for our professional technicians for an enjoyable and smooth experience in fixing your damaged doors.

Pros of taking our door repair singapore

  1. Affordable prices: Our prices for door repair singapore services are very competitive. Our customers wonder how we can provide such outstanding service at a very cheap rate.
  2. Prompt services: We have more technicians than needed. We have some freelance technicians, whenever we have any emergency we contact them and they provide door repair service. That is why we can provide very quick service to our customers.
  3. High-quality services: Our services are top-notch. We provide high-quality materials and tools in our services so that we can restore your door efficiently and effectively.
  4. Approachable and prompt customer service: Our customer service team members are available 24/7. They have various shifts but we are available 24/7. That is why, our customers get quick and good customer service from us.
  5. Free consultation and quotation services: We provide free consultation and quotation services to our customers. As Customers can know the exact prices and issues before paying to take our services, therefore, they do not have to pay any unexpected costs later.
  6. Warranty: We provide a warranty on any of our door repair and replacement services. Our warranty provides peace of mind to our customers knowing within the warranty period they do not pay any costs for any service they take from us. You should not let your faulty door compromise the safety of your home or office. Contact us, take our door repair service, and enjoy your life.


Door repair singapore


  • I took door repair singapore service from Handymanpluses a few months ago. Their prompt and outstanding service thoroughly satisfied me.- Tan Wei Jie
  • Last year, my sliding door roller was completely damaged. I thought I had to buy a new door. Then, fortunately. I took service from Handymanpluses. Their technicians inspected the issue and replaced my sliding door roller. I became very happy that I didn’t have to buy a new door. Their quick and efficient service makes fans of their service.
  • I will hire them again and again for any kind of door repairment needed Menon Two weeks ago, my door hinge cracked and my door made a strange sound. I took Handymanpluses’s free consultation and quotation services for this issue. Their technicians come to my house and replace my door hinge promptly. I love their technician’s cordial behavior and their prompt and efficient service. I recommend anyone from Singapore take their door repair service.-Lim Hock Meng

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Let us take care of your door problems. We look forward to hearing from you soon.It is not a wise idea to whine about your faulty doors and compromise your security. Contact Handymanpluses for your door repair singapore issue and rest easy knowing that you will find your door in optimal condition. If you want to contact us, you can call us at +65 81237093 or visit our website at Handymanpluses to find our email address, message-sending option, or form to chat with live agents.

Call Now : +65 81237093

Call Now : +65 81237093

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