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7 Cheap Ways to Door Knob Replacement in Singapore

Door knobs are essential elements in our daily life. Often we ignore the door knob replacement section when renovating the house. The reasons door knobs are significant are – 

  1. Firstly, it is a component of security
  2. Secondly, it has aesthetic value
  3. Thirdly, convenient use of doors
  4. Fourth, value to your home and hygiene  According to Bloom in the Black, normally a door knob can last for 25 years. However, it’s a sound practice if you change the door knobs after every seven years. Door knob replacement can be expensive. Eventually, door knob replacement in Singapore will cost you a minimum of $60.This cost excludes the price of the door knobs. HDB door knob replacement will cost you at least $150 all together. We can clearly see door knob replacements do not come inexpensive in Singapore. You have to spend a handsome amount on this process. Why don’t you learn some hacks? These hacks will assist you in cutting your budget.  Henceforth, we have enlisted 7 cheap ways to door knob replacement in Singapore are: 

Buy Cheap Door Knobs

Look for door knobs with a lenient price. There are myriad prices of door knobs. You should focus on less fancy knobs. Focusing more on functionality can give you better knobs at a lower price. We provide premium quality door replacement service in Singapore for our customers.

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Buy Door Knobs Online

E-commerce sites can be pragmatic for cheap door knobs. They have variety as well. You can choose one from different door knobs. Our customers have every problem, we offer a perfect solution for a long time don’t hesitate just visit our website and knock us for every solution.

Replace Only the Door Knob

Rather than changing the entire door, change only the door knobs. It will save you money. Doors are more durable than the knobs. So, changing the doors for changing the knobs does not seem smart.

Recycle the Old Door Knobs

Do you have any old door knobs that you can use? Well, give it a try. Door knobs that are functioning properly can be used again. Recycling is also beneficial for our environment.

Buy Door Knobs in Bulk Amounts

You can go for a bulk amount of door knobs. What’s the profit? You definitely have more than one door at your house. There will be times when you have to replace them as well. Hence, buy door knobs for them in advance if you can.

Grabbing Sales and Discounts

Who doesn’t like sales and discounts? In online shops, sales and discounts are everyday phenomena. You can avail of sales and discounts at offline shops as well. You only have to search for them.

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Hire a Handyman

Ten door knob replacement problems but one solution. The solution is hiring a handyman. Our Handymen are skilled. They present quality workmanship. They are agile. They come within budget. Where to find a perfect handyman for your door knob replacements? Here you go, Handymanpluses

Why you should Hire HandymanPluses?

Currently, handymanpluses are among the suitable names that provide skillful handymen for every task. You can contact us through our website or call us at +65 81237093 for your service. For reasons to hire a handyman from us for door knob replacement –HandymanPluses offers the best value for money and time. We understand the work

  1. We have good knowledge of doorknobs
  2. We offer 24-hour door knob replacement service in Singapore
  3. All-in-one solution Still have doubts? See our website here. Go through the reviews. HandymanPluses’s website has a blog section. There you will know about more pieces of information on door knob replacement.

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Call Now : +65 81237093

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